Angel Therapy

What is Angel Therapy?

Angels have been guiding us since the beginning of time. It was Archangel Gabriel that announced of the coming birth of Jesus to Mary in Luke 1:26-35. We all have guardian angels assigned to us and the ability to call on them, as well as Archangels and Ascended Masters, for guidance at anytime. The angels are omnipresent, meaning they can be in many places at once.

Although your Angels are with you all the time, they respect your free will choice to not have them interfere with your life choices. It is only when you call upon them to bring your guidance, will they step in to offer assistance. The exact number of archangels out there will vary greatly depending on your belief system. I have a few favorites that I focus on in my teachings and trainings. I will share them and what they can assist you with below. If you would like to schedule an angel reading, click the link below.

Archangel Michael

The name Michael means “he who is like God”.  Archangel Michael is the strongest of the angels and is known to be a protector.  Carrying his sword, he releases us of cords that bind us to things that no longer serve us in our lives.  Michael is a warrior protector that you can call on anytime you are in need of personal protection, if you are afraid or confused or need extra help with any issue.

Archangel Raphael

The name Raphael means “God heals”.  You can call upon Raphael anytime you are in need of physical healing.  He will also assist with animal healing along with Ariel, who protects the animals in nature. 

Archangel Gabriel

The name Gabriel means “God is my strength”.  She is known as the messenger angel and will assist you with any type of communication that you are in need of delivering.  Seek her out when you are needing the right words to deliver a message to family, friend, or work.

Archangel Uriel

The name Uriel means “God is light”.  When you need new light shed on an issue, seeking out to Uriel is a good choice.  Uriel is especially helpful with shining light on the aftermath of earth disasters such as floods and earthquakes.

During an Angel reading, you will set your intention for the reading and I will use a deck specific to your intention.  As we go through the reading, you will receive intuitive guidance.

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