Christine Stalsonburg

Do you suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia or fatigue?
Are you looking for peace & serenity in your life?
Your in the right place ~ I have your solution!

Spiritual and Holistic Healer

I offer a comprehensive complement of services to guide you on your spiritual and holistic journey. Through Meditation, Reiki, Massage Therapy, and Aromatherapy and, I can develop a holistic program that will help you gain peace and serenity in your life.


A wonderful place! I have had many massages from other locations in the area and none compare to the massage therapy, hot stones, or reiki offered by Christine. Christine is extremely knowledgable about oils, chakras, and mind body and spirit health.

Jennifer Hastings

Jennifer Hastings

Christine is simply amazing! She pays such close attention to her clients. It is truly a beautiful experience to be able to walk out of there completely relaxed, muscles completely released and able to function again.



Christine is awesome! Her massages are not only soothing, but therapeutic. She got to the root of my problem/issue and released trigger points that I didn’t even know I had! Her knowledge of essential oils and integrating them with her massage is simply a match made in heaven. She is personable and caring and will tailor the massage to fit your personal needs. The environment is clean, warm and relaxing. She is my go to gal! Highly recommended.



I am currently taking the Reiki Healing course. I can not say enough about this. I am getting great feedback from my own clients. Through Christine’s patience and guidance, I was able to heal myself and rid the intense pain I had between my shoulders and neck. HIGHLY RECOMMEND CHRISTINE and her programs!

Pat B

Pat B

Christine brings not only an intuitive touch. but a gentle heart. she is very professional & caring.

Raina Hicks

Raina Hicks


Living A Life Of Peace & Serenity

When our Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit is in balance, life moves effortlessly for us. This wellness journey can seem overwhelming without a coach to work with you, one step at a time. My approach to your health & wellness is to develop a customized plan of modalities that will work for you so that you can continue the practices for life.

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