It is my honor to guide you through your journey to a spiritual & holistically balanced Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit

My services and courses are lovingly designed to bring inner peace, joy and balance to your life through holistic and spiritual approaches. Namaste'


  Suffering from stress, anxiety, insomnia & Fatigue?   

Looking for peace & serenity in your life?

Your in the right place ~ I have your solution!!   

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After spending many years in very high stress careers,  I found myself in a constant state of being hyper vigilant, having low energy, snapping at the smallest things that happened daily, was easy to anger and was loosing compassion for others and unable to get a restful nights sleep.  I chose to turn in my stress card and begin my search for peace and serenity in my life.

The search was daunting, there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of products and programs out there that claim to reduce your stress and anxiety.  More than 1,000,000 people a month are searching the internet looking for solutions and I was in the boat with them.  Over the course of the past several years, I have taken dozens of courses and each had a little bit of something that was very helpful.  Although none of them were, what I considered, a complete package.

I have taken the “best of the best” of what I have learned and practiced over the years and compiled practices that I know work well together in reducing stress and anxiety and compliment each other in a synergistic way.  I  blend  massage therapy, Reiki, angel therapy, meditation and essential oils into a wellness model that will give you the “SuperHero” powers that you need to bring your life to a consistent state of peace and serenity.

If you are looking to completely transform your life to a place of peace and serenity through spiritual and holistic healing – you have arrived at the right place.  It is my honor to guide you on this life journey so that you can live the life that you have always dreamed of living ~  One of peace and serenity.

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